SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (Listed in chronological order of newest to oldest)

  • Sonabend, A.M., Carminucci, A.S., Amendolara, B., Bansal, M., Leung, R., Lei, L., Realubit, R., Li, H., Karan, C., Yun, J., et al. (2014b) Convection-enhanced delivery of etoposide is effective against murine proneural glioblastoma. Neuro-oncology 16(9):1210-1219 PubMed.

  • Sonabend, A.M., Bansal, M., Guarnieri, P., Lei, L., Amendolara, B., Soderquist, C., Leung, R., Yun, J., Kennedy, B., Sisti, J., et al. (2014a) The Transcriptional Regulatory Network of Proneural Glioma Determines the Genetic Alterations Selected During Tumor Progression. Cancer research. PubMed
    Data sets used may be downloaded at NCBI GEO
  • Gonzalez, C., Sims, J.S., Hornstein, N., Mela, A., Garcia, F., Lei, L., Gass, D.A., Amendolara, B., Bruce, J.N., Canoll, P., et al. (2014) Ribosome profiling reveals a cell-type-specific translational landscape in brain tumors. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience 34(33):10924-10936.PubMed Central
    Data sets used may be downloaded at NCBI GEO

  • Gill, B.J., Pisapia, D.J., Malone, H.R., Goldstein, H., Lei, L., Sonabend, A., Yun, J., Samanamud, J., Sims, J.S., Banu, M., et al. (2014) MRI-localized biopsies reveal subtype-specific differences in molecular and cellular composition at the margins of glioblastoma. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111(34):12550-12555. PubMed
    Data sets used may be downloaded at NCBI GEO

  • Sonabend, A.M., Yun, J., Lei, L., Leung, R., Soderquist, C., Crisman, C., Gill, B.J., Carminucci, A., Sisti, J., Castelli, M., et al. (2013a) Murine cell line model of proneural glioma for evaluation of anti-tumor therapies. Journal of neuro-oncology 112(3):375-382. PubMed Central

  • Hopkins, B.D., Fine, B., Steinbach, N., Dendy, M., Rapp, Z., Shaw, J., Pappas, K., Yu, J.S., Hodakoski, C., Mense, S., et al. (2013) A secreted PTEN phosphatase that enters cells to alter signaling and survival. Science 341(6144):399-402. PubMed

  • Frattini, V., Trifonov, V., Chan, J.M., Castano, A., Lia, M., Abate, F., Keir, S.T., Ji, A.X., Zoppoli, P., Niola, F., et al. (2013) The integrated landscape of driver genomic alterations in glioblastoma. Nature genetics 45(10):1141-1149. PubMed

  • Anderson, R.C., Kennedy, B., Yanes, C.L., Garvin, J., Needle, M., Canoll, P., Feldstein, N.A., and Bruce, J.N. (2013) Convection-enhanced delivery of topotecan into diffuse intrinsic brainstem tumors in children. Journal of neurosurgery. Pediatrics 11(3):289-295. PubMed

  • Massey SC, Assanah MC, Lopez KA, Canoll P, & Swanson KR (2012) Glial progenitor cell recruitment drives aggressive glioma growth: mathematical and experimental modelling. Journal of the Royal Society, Interface / the Royal Society 9(73):1757-1766. PubMed

  • Ivkovic, S., Beadle, C., Noticewala, S., Massey, S.C., Swanson, K.R., Toro, L.N., Bresnick, A.R., Canoll, P., and Rosenfeld, S.S. (2012) Direct inhibition of myosin II effectively blocks glioma invasion in the presence of multiple motogens. Molecular biology of the cell 23(4):533-542.

  • D’Amico, R., Lei, L., Kennedy, B.C., Sisti, J., Ebiana, V., Crisman, C., Christensen, J.G., Gil, O., Rosenfeld, S.S., Canoll, P., et al. (2012) The addition of Sunitinib to radiation delays tumor growth in a murine model of glioblastoma. Neurological research 34(3):252-261. PubMed

  • Sonabend, A.M., Stuart, R.M., Yun, J., Yanagihara, T., Mohajed, H., Dashnaw, S., Bruce, S.S., Brown, T., Romanov, A., Sebastian, M., et al. (2011) Prolonged intracerebral convection-enhanced delivery of topotecan with a subcutaneously implantable infusion pump. Neuro-oncology 13(8):886-893. PubMed

  • Lopez, K.A., Tannenbaum, A.M., Assanah, M.C., Linskey, K., Yun, J., Kangarlu, A., Gil, O.D., Canoll, P., and Bruce, J.N. (2011) Convection-enhanced delivery of topotecan into a PDGF-driven model of glioblastoma prolongs survival and ablates both tumor-initiating cells and recruited glial progenitors. Cancer research 71(11):3963-3971. PubMed

  • Lei, L., Sonabend, A.M., Guarnieri, P., Soderquist, C., Ludwig, T., Rosenfeld, S., Bruce, J.N., and Canoll, P. (2011) Glioblastoma models reveal the connection between adult glial progenitors and the proneural phenotype. PloS one 6(5):e20041. PubMed
    Data sets used may be downloaded at NCBI GEO

  • Bruce, J.N., Fine, R.L., Canoll, P., Yun, J., Kennedy, B.C., Rosenfeld, S.S., Sands, S.A., Surapaneni, K., Lai, R., Yanes, C.L., et al. (2011) Regression of recurrent malignant gliomas with convection-enhanced delivery of topotecan. Neurosurgery 69(6):1272-1279; discussion 1279-1280. PubMed

  • David CJ, Chen M, Assanah M, Canoll P, & Manley JL (2010) HnRNP proteins controlled by c-Myc deregulate pyruvate kinase mRNA splicing in cancer. Nature 463(7279):364-368. PubMed

  • Bohman, L.E., Swanson, K.R., Moore, J.L., Rockne, R., Mandigo, C., Hankinson, T., Assanah, M., Canoll, P., and Bruce, J.N. (2010) Magnetic resonance imaging characteristics of glioblastoma multiforme: implications for understanding glioma ontogeny. Neurosurgery 67(5):1319-1327; discussion 1327-1318. PubMed

  • Kennedy, B.C., Maier, L.M., D’Amico, R., Mandigo, C.E., Fontana, E.J., Waziri, A., Assanah, M.C., Canoll, P., Anderson, R.C., Anderson, D.E., et al. (2009) Dynamics of central and peripheral immunomodulation in a murine glioma model. BMC immunology 10:11. PubMed

  • Assanah, M.C., Bruce, J.N., Suzuki, S.O., Chen, A., Goldman, J.E., and Canoll, P. (2009) PDGF stimulates the massive expansion of glial progenitors in the neonatal forebrain. Glia 57(16):1835-1847. PubMed

  • Waziri, A., Killory, B., Ogden, A.T., 3rd, Canoll, P., Anderson, R.C., Kent, S.C., Anderson, D.E., and Bruce, J.N. (2008) Preferential in situ CD4+CD56+ T cell activation and expansion within human glioblastoma. J Immunol 180(11):7673-7680. PubMed

  • Ogden, A.T., Waziri, A.E., Lochhead, R.A., Fusco, D., Lopez, K., Ellis, J.A., Kang, J., Assanah, M., McKhann, G.M., Sisti, M.B., et al. (2008) Identification of A2B5+CD133- tumor-initiating cells in adult human gliomas. Neurosurgery 62(2):505-514; discussion 514-505. PubMed

  • Ivkovic S, Canoll P, & Goldman JE (2008) Constitutive EGFR signaling in oligodendrocyte progenitors leads to diffuse hyperplasia in postnatal white matter. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience 28(4):914-922. PubMed

  • Canoll P & Goldman JE (2008) The interface between glial progenitors and gliomas. Acta neuropathologica 116(5):465-477. PubMed

  • Beadle, C., Assanah, M.C., Monzo, P., Vallee, R., Rosenfeld, S.S., and Canoll, P. (2008) The role of myosin II in glioma invasion of the brain. Molecular biology of the cell 19(8):3357-3368. PubMed

  • Lopez KA, Waziri AE, Canoll PD, & Bruce JN (2006) Convection-enhanced delivery in the treatment of malignant glioma. Neurological research 28(5):542-548. PubMed

  • Farin, A., Suzuki, S.O., Weiker, M., Goldman, J.E., Bruce, J.N., and Canoll, P. (2006) Transplanted glioma cells migrate and proliferate on host brain vasculature: a dynamic analysis. Glia 53(8):799-808. PubMed

  • Assanah, M., Lochhead, R., Ogden, A., Bruce, J., Goldman, J., and Canoll, P. (2006) Glial progenitors in adult white matter are driven to form malignant gliomas by platelet-derived growth factor-expressing retroviruses. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience 26(25):6781-6790. JNeurosci

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